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Marble has been used for centuries as a structural and decorative building material and the many famous buildings that still exist today, such as the Colosseum and Pantheon in Rome, are a fitting tribute to the skilled craftsmen of the day and the tremendous durability of marble itself.

Marble was created through a metamorphosis involving heat and pressure and its most common characteristic is calcium carbonate. It is normally white, but often tinted by iron oxide, carbon and serpentine to form attractive shades of yellow, brown, green or black. Other minerals may grow from impurities within the stone often resulting in coloured streaks or veins.
Marble is usually finely crystalline, hard and dense and consequently can be highly polished to highlight its wonderful natural characteristics. However, it is also available in a matt (honed) finish or an aged (antiqued) finish for a more traditional look.
We do our best to always have in stock the extensive choice of marble shown thereafter. In case you are after a particular stone that is not listed below, please contact us to discuss. Additionally, note that, marble being a natural material, small samples must not be considered as other than broad representative of the material of the same name.

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