A natural stone workstop is so durable it will out-live the rest of your Kitchen. Stone worktops are easy to clean, simple to maintain and stunning to look at.

Made from any of our huge range of materials your can find the perfect colour and texture to match your appliances.

Learn More about the Fitting Process


We will call you a day or two prior to templating to make sure everything is ready for us, and to confirm what time we will be with you.

The templater will provide you with all the information you may require about your worktops and also answer any questions you may have regarding installation and after care of your stone.

We aim to install your stone one week after templating in normal circumstances.


To enable us to template your granite worktops as painlessly as possible please ensure that:

  • Existing worktops have been removed.
  • Sinks and hobs have been removed.
  • All base units (cabinets/bathes/vanity units, etc.) are fixed in their final position and perfectly leveled.
  • All new appliances (sinks, hobs, taps, etc.) are be available on site.
  • Heavy range cookers should ideally be fixed in their final position prior to templating.
  • Area to be templated should be cleared and easy to access.


To make your fitting-day go smoothly:

  • For fitting of breakfast bars any legs that may be used must be on site on the day of fitting.
  • Water and electricity must be provided for our fitters.
  • Clear access through the property must be ensured as some pieces of stone can be very heavy.